ADHD or ADD Diet – Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Nutritional Meals for Children – Meal Planner

Instead of just telling you to eat healthy I thought I would give some sample menus of what I would consider a healthy meal.  Keep in mind that these are not necessarily organic or all natural but should lean in that direction.  The main goal with these meals is to reduce sugar and increase protein.


Here are some easy breakfasts that you can make for your kids.

  • Eggs scrambled in low fat butter and a glass of orange juice.  Also add a piece of toast with all natural jam.
  • Slice of whole-grain bread toasted with a little whipped butter or margarine and a dab of all-fruit jam; low-fat milk.
  • Whole grain bread dipped in egg and toasted in a skillet.  Then served with a sugar free syrup and low fat butter.  Also a little pan seared thin ham on the side.
  • Whole-grain cereal with low-fat or 2% milk with some lean meat like a pork chop,  chicken or steak. Add some orange pieces or orange juice.
  • Plain yogurt mixed with fresh fruit like apples or mandarin oranges.
  • Homemade Instant Breakfast Smoothie and a sausage patty.  Smoothie can include milk, some frozen yogurt, fresh bananas, other fruit like strawberries and a protein supplement if desired.
  • Mixed nuts; fruit; glass of low-fat milk.


  • Grilled-cheese sandwich made with whole-grain bread and two-percent cheese; glass of orange juice.
  • Natural peanut butter on whole-grain bread, with a dab of all-fruit jam.