Flaxseed Oil,Primrose Oil, Fish Oil for ADHD or ADD treatment therapy diet

Many children with ADHD are deficient in Omega oils (or essential fatty acids). This deficiency has been shown to decrease a persons ability to concentrate or focus, cause fatigue, affect memory and produce mood swings or depression. FLAX SEED OIL is a good source of Omega oil and when added properly to a diet can correct this deficiency.  Omega oils are beneficial in many other areas as well and are a good addition to any diet ADHD or otherwise.

The idea with any ADHD diet is simply to bring the body back into balance and remove anything that may be adding to or causing a problem.  That way you are at least dealing with the issue in a child that is healthy in all other respects.

It is recommended that you start with 1 – 2 teaspoons a day of flax seed oil in a childs diets.  I have found that the oil works great in smoothies.  It actually makes them better believe it or not.

You can get the same benefits from Fish Oil but many people are hesitant to use fish oil because of the fear of mercury poisoning.  Using flax seed oil can eliminate these concerns.   Evening Primrose Oil is another source of Omega Oils.

Flax seed oils or any oil that contains Omega 3 and 6 also have other benefits.  Better skin and hair, a healthier heart, lower inflammation, better circulations, better immunity to name a few.