What is the Difference Between ADHD and ADD Symptoms – ADD Versus ADHD

There are two different types of attention deficit problems.  One is mostly attention oriented and the other is both attention and hyperactivity related.  In other words you can have an attention problem and not be hyperactive or you can be both.  Having both would obviously be more difficult to deal with.  Here are the symptoms to look for.

Symptoms of Attention Deficit Only :

  • Has difficulty focusing and maintaining attention
  • Loses or misplaces items regularly
  • Appears to not be listening
  • Has difficulty with organization
  • Avoids tasks that require focus and concentration
  • Often makes careless mistakes
  • Child is distracted easily
  • Child has difficulty following instructions
  • Is forgetful of basic daily activities.

Children that are hyperactive generally have the following symptoms:

  • Fidgets and cannot stay still
  • Is noisy when engaging in activities
  • Is constantly moving and on the go
  • Has difficulty waiting his turn
  • Talks much more than an average child would
  • Shouts out answers before a question has been fully asked
  • Interrupts others often
  • Climbs chairs, desks or runs about more than a typical child would
  • Cannot stay still and constantly moves hands, feet and head when sitting

If your child has only the top list of issues then they are most likely only ADD.  If they have issues from both lists then they are most likely ADHD.  There will be varying degrees of each and the more severe each is the more you will need to work with the child and establish a plan.  Also, in my opinion, kids with ADHD or symptoms from both lists are more likely to need medication to control the problem.