Getting off of ADHD ADD Medication – How I deal with Attention Deficit without Medication

I am now 14 years old and making all A’s and B’s in school.  I have my own graphics business and am saving for college.  I build websites (normally two at the same time – Ha Ha) and I love tennis.

When I entered 9th grade I was still on the Daytrana patch.  I felt like it helped me academically but sort of held me back socially.  I wanted to feel myself and was willing to work hard and stay disciplined so that I could do well in school with no medication.  My parents agreed to try and we came up with a step by step plan that has worked well so far. 

Step One – My grades had to be good.  I needed to prove that while on the patch I could maintain A’s and B’s.  I was already doing this so it was no problem.  If you are making mostly C’s that you should probably stop here.

Step Two – We established a study plan that would help me keep up with my school work and would provide some type of accountability for me.  This was basically me making notes in a journal. 

Step Three – I had to improve my diet and cut out junk food and sugar.  I increased my protein intake and maintain a 2 to 1 protein to carbohydrate balance.  In the mornings I drink a smoothie with protein powder, fruit and yogurt.  I also will drink some coffee in the morning or some Mountain Dew during the day.  The doctor said it will help and it seems to.

Step Four – I got a backup tutor.  I meet with an older high school student once a week and go over my classes.  She has had the classes and is able to help me keep up.  She also makes straight A’s.  Tip – get a smart tutor.

Step Five –  We check my grades daily on the computer.  Our school has up to the minute updates so if I have a poor grade I know about it and can make plans to fix it.

Step Six – We went to the doctor that prescribed the Daytrana for a consulation.  We thought he may be against getting off the medication but he was all for it.  He said that from 30% to 50% of kids grow out of ADHD as they approach adulthood.  He also said that when I get into college I may want to get a refill of Daytrana and use it when necessary. 

My day to day routine involves going to school, monitoring my grades, meeting with my tutor once a week and studying.   My parents help me whenever a grade gets low.  I also lose privileges when any class drops below a B.  So far I have always been able to pull my grades back up within a week or so.