Being Tested or Diagnosed for ADHD ADD – Public School Psychologist / Counselor

When I was in third grade my teacher was concerned about my progress and recommended that I be tested for ADHD.  I go to public school so there was a psychologist / counselor on staff that was able to do the screening for ADHD.  The test was basically a series of problems that I had to solve and questions I had to answer that measured my ability to focus and concentrate.  He was very knowledgeable and seemed to really care about my situation.  The good news was that I was found to be above average in intelligence.  The bad news was that I did in fact have ADHD at least according to the test.  My main problem was concentration and focus.  I was hyperactive but not to an extreme.  I was able to manage the hyperactivity but nothing I did on my own could help me focus better.

At this point my parents were called in for a conference and we were referred to a local pediatrician who specializes in treating ADHD.

There are some “Online Tests” that you can take to determine whether a child has an attention deficit disorder.  Some are free and some of the more comprehensive ones charge a fee.  Being tested is the first step towards finding a solution to your attention problem.  It gives you a good idea of the severity of the issue and what level of treatment needs to be implemented.